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Since months and years we hear and read about young people terrorizing other people or vandalizing facilities in towns and villages. And too often we experience these actions in our own neighborhood. In Laytown we not only have recently seen the local library closed because of vandalism, but as a new low a young life was brutally taken. 19 years old Emma was stabbed to death just one week ago by a 20-years-old woman - in broad daylight, in front of the Laytown Supermarket.
Why are children bullied, elderly people and families terrorized (up to the point that they have to leave their houses), animals tortured; why are trees destroyed, plants ripped off the ground, walls painted with graffiti’s and windows smashed; why is a murder possible amongst young people? Let’s take a look at the environment these youngsters grow up in.
Psychology knows a simple rule: Everybody can only give away what he or she possesses. With other words: If these young people give away hate, terror, bullying and destroying, that is all they have to give. If they would have love and peace inside, they would be able to give that away instead … They have to understand, that – however powerful they appear to be in the moment of action – they mark themselves as people full of hatred, insecurity and helplessness. They lack of love and understanding, of any positive perspective whatsoever. They don’t have – and even don’t know about – any hobby; they have no place where to go. And in this society, where in many families both of the parents have to work in order to pay the bills, there is mostly no open ear in the late evenings for the daily problems of the kids. Some parents don’t even bother to know where their offsprings are until late at night.
Not to speak about the influence of the media – telly, Video, CD and PC – Internet – which seem to transport more and more messages about violence rather than of peaceful solutions. With as much as nearly no positive impulse, these youngsters have to destroy, because of a lack of positive live- and role-models. They have to destroy, because their inner situation can’t stand beauty, peace and harmony. Most of them act in groups, which gives them a feeling of a false security and bravery. I feel deeply sorry for people who see no other way of a seemingly fulfillment (not that it is one) than making other people’s live miserable.
What must have happened in the live of these young people? They need help, and parents and society have to look closely at what they missed to do in the past and at what is necessary to do in future.

Please don’t misunderstand me:
There are a lot of good and harmonious families, where children grow in a healthy and loving environment and learn the rules of friendliness and empathy.
But this society allows also to grow an ever increasing number of disturbed children and young people, who don’t know where to go and whom to ask for help.
So they help themselves, and that in the worst of all ways:
Should it seem today that they triumph over their actual victims,
Tomorrow they and their families will be the victims themselves.
11.6.06 22:46


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